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  • LOVE IT! Love it. It's easy to use and it's so effective! So much, that I recommend it to my physical therapy patients and Crossfitters. As a PT who specializes in Mobility, it has been on the high end of my recommendations! And I work with many Crossfitters, they are my main clientele! Awesome product!


  • Really liking this UBALL tool. Excited to work it into my routine.

    Jon F.

  • It’s easy [to use]. I like it because you can rotate it and roll it around. Plus you can add weight to the barbell if needed…I have done work on my girlfriend with knots in her back and it’s helped her a lot as well. Great product and am completely satisfied with it.

    I got my #uball @uballnet today and put it to work on this achy spot in my upper outter quad. Worked it out and was able to pull descent tonight.


  • After a tough leg workout and tight calves, UBALL saves the Day!  Thanks for a great product, guys!


  • I'm loving the UBALL! In the past, I have used trigger point therapy products but your UBALL gets into areas that my other equipment cannot reach.

    Damien D.

  • I now keep the UBALL in my backpack along with my small first aid kit, flip flops, pistol and other things I keep handy. The best thing I can tell you is to play with it and watch the instructional videos to help get your creative juices flowing as you explore SMR with this product. 


  • "love it man, talk about getting deep tissue massage.  Like how the design lets you get some more pressure than lacrosse balls in hammy due to the slight elevation of the ball and love it in the hip flexor, tfl and lat area that were tougher to get that deep pressure with lacrosse ball."  ...."Only 'negative' comment about it was it sucked because it creates a deeper pressure in a sore spot, ha.  Love it man."


  • Works great in office setting, especially on the neck. Helps relieve stress. I use it while working and really helps remove tension.

    Kane M.

  • I used this product today for the first time after chest and I think I had a tear in my eye after I found that sweet spot. I went to work in it and cuss you first e making such a good product as it opened up jacked shoulder but I was feeling great when done. Thanks a lot for the awesome product... good buy for sure....

    Bobby A.

  • I've absolutely loved your product so far. We've been helping many folks improve neck ROM and I'll shoot a video on that today and send it over. Keeping the ball secure has been the only issue I've faced thus far. Thanks a lot! 

    Rich O.