How I Started Holding Myself Accountable

September 26, 2017

How I Started Holding Myself Accountable

I used to hold myself accountable a lot in my studies, and that translated over to the work environment. Those were easy as it seemed to come naturally. In the gym?? A lot less so!! I grew up playing sports with friends, but they were not into going to the gym. I always wanted to try it in high school, but was sooo intimated by the big, enormous seniors. It didn't help I was kind of scrawny and had huge glasses (huge glasses were not as cool in the 90s as they seem to be now ;-). Then, in college, same deal, except the guys were bigger, the girls were cuter, and I was still a toothpick and more importantly didn't know what I was doing. There, I decided to say "screw it" and went into the gym anyways and realized most people aren't paying too much attention to you. And, then as if this all wasn't enough, in my late 20s I discovered - CrossFit. Nerves, intimidation, and panic were now at all time high. It didn't help I was dealing with several injuries.

Fast forward a bit and now I don't get nearly as much of a nervous wreck as I learned how to calm down and also learned I only have one person to compete against: myself. And, more recently I learned how to train almost everyday of the week (about 6 times a week) without over training, while also holding myself accountable to train a minimum of 5 times a week and do mobility drills 6-7 times a week. Transitioning to powerlifitng has helped too as it fits me better and great coaching. I use an app that shows the number of days trained per week that helps me stay on track and accountable. Waking up early has helped and getting a home gym created zero excuses for me to be able to train. I'm holding myself more accountable with my training because of how much better I feel when I do. Also when you have to "put yourself out there" like I now have to do on social media, I don't want to be that "scrawny" guy anymore :-) It's a work in progress, but feeling better than I have in a long time and getting stronger and stronger. The UBALL has certainly been a key part during this path.

I'm curious, how do you hold yourself accountable to your training?

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