Mind your Mobility!

March 15, 2017

Whether it's sitting in a chair at a desk all day, ringing up merchandise at a register or power-washing a roof, all jobs often contain repetitive motions. Your body needs to be warmed up, blood needs to get flowing, and your muscles need to loosen up before you really put it to the grinder. Have you ever cooked eggs on an old pan without oil? Those eggs stick like mud on a pig. It needs to be oiled and warmed up before you get cookin'! Same as your body as it obviously needs 10-15 minutes to get ready to move/train, especially as you get older. This will help you move better and feel before your training. More importantly, it will help prevent injury and getting hurt! If your muscles move better, they're less like to get pulled, or pull other things out of whack (like your back and neck). Mobility training doesn’t require a lot of effort and force, it’s to wake up your muscles to let them know they’re need to get moving for you. Investing in the proper mobility tools, like a resistance band, can also help get the most out of your Mobility sessions. Depending on what you plan to train should dictate what you focus on during this pre-training mobility training time. Here's a few great videos to help get nicely warmed up:

1.  https://youtu.be/eQ0-NODLmPc - great overall warm up

2.  https://youtu.be/Ir_U6jzleWI - has subtitles but has excellent shoulder warmup

3.   https://youtu.be/3fD3-E2jM7E - has subtitles but has excellent shoulder warmup

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