Recover Faster with Post Training Mobility

April 07, 2017

Recover Faster with Post Training Mobility

After you train, the body needs to recover. Depending on how hard the training was or if you are first starting out, your body is going to go through varying levels of recovery which can also be uncomfortable. If you're into Crossfit, everyone remembers their first time trying it and having trouble moving/eating/putting on your cloths, pressing the button in the elevator at work, etc. Admit it though, we like that feeling because it feels like we hit our training hard!! But we want to get back at it eventually, and to help reduce that feeling, mobility post-training is a huge part in helping your muscles recover faster.

My mom is a tough lady, and her motto is, "I kill it before it kills me," referring to bugs, snakes, and such of course. She has no fear!! She would eat them too, but that's a whole other story. Well, Mom knows best. Kill the knot or tightness before it kills you - don't even give it a chance to live. Dedicate at least 10-15 minutes to a post training mobility and your body will truly thank you. Your muscles worked super hard for you, they’ve earned their time for some TLC. Utilize your mobility tools, like a UBALL, to help give you that needed deep tissue self-massage to remove the kinks and knots. For tricks and information on what you can do to reduce soreness after training, here's a few great videos that can help you:


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