Have you ever done anything stupid when lifting weights???

July 25, 2016

Let me ask you a question: Have you ever done something stupid? Like something, really really dumb? For example, in your personal life maybe you missed important dates (anniversaries, birth dates, the anniversary of your 3rd date with your other half, etc.), getting whole milk instead of 2% milk, or forgetting your work laptop at home on the day of a big meeting. BTW, I've done all of these! Who hasn't done something foolish!

Too much chalk and clapping it in your face = stupid  


Now let me ask a slight different question: have you ever done something stupid while lifting weights (CF, power lifting, Oly, Strongman, etc.)? I see your hand is up!! I have both of mine up 🙌!! Many times (mostly in the past) I didn't warm up properly, tried to do too much weights (in the past and still now :-), and/or pushed through injuries only to get worse. Sound familiar? 

After not learning my lessons I decided to do something stupid, to prove a point of course, as you'll see shortly. I decided to try at the end of a workout to strict shoulder press a heavy kettle bell weight overhead. It was a weight i could easily push press (i.e. With moment and push from my legs), but I wanted to be able to strictly press that thing overhead. I grabbed that kettle bell with my right hand, swung it up to my shoulder, took a deep breath and braced and pushed that bastard to the sky. I managed to push it up and was elated to do so, but somehow in the process and on the way up I heard and felt a very terrible crackling sound from my elbow. Now, I've know my elbow for quiet some time and it's not supposed to make that sound or feel that way. My first thought was: my right elbow is down and out! I thought I was going to have to stop lifting for weeks or months anything overheard. I had hurt the left elbow before and the discomfort lasted a long time so I thought I was heading there again with the right one.

But, then I quickly thought: it's time to put my money where my mouth is and "prove a point". The point being was: It was UBALL time! It was time to put this little compact mobility tool to the test in my first post UBALL era injury. I placed the UBALL on my bench and smashed the triceps, where a very unpleasant, Texas sized knot/trigger point had developed. I've developed some amazing knots before and this one ranked up there (Top 10). But, because of the shape of the UBALL and how it can scrape away scar tissue it was really able to dig into that ugly spot. And to pick it up a notch, I added a fairly light weight (20 lbs kettle bell) on my arm to really press the arm into the UBALL. WOW! Talk about deep tissue massage! The UBALL really helped clean up the whole elbow/triceps that got injured due to me proving a point (i.e. being stupid) of how resourceful and versatile the UBALL is. See the video below of how I, and you too, was able to use the UBALL to fix my elbow and clean up my triceps. Full disclosure: I also used the Mobility WOD Voodoo band twice the same day I got hurt but not again after that day.

After a week of constantly working on myself to fix this issue, I felt much better. And after two weeks the pain was gone and no problems pushing overhead. Point proven! The UBALL performed as intended to give myself the deep tissue massage I needed and improved my mobility and the ability to move properly again.

Here's the video of that shows how I used the UBALL to smash my triceps and "prove my point" :-)

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