Take a deep breath and Relax

July 07, 2017

Take a deep breath and Relax

We’ve all heard that before. But, does it really work? Crazy enough, yes, it does.

Taking slow deep breaths helps oxygen to enter the bloodstream, twice as good, too! Have you ever panicked or felt very anxious and often feel light headed? Chances are you weren’t breathing enough.

We can either use our upper chest muscles or our diaphragm to breathe. Chest breathing opens up the rib cage, resulting in shallower breathing. However, abdominal breathing uses the muscles in the abdomen, obliques and lower torso to permit the maximum lowering of the diaphragm while also filling the lungs. When your lungs can be filled by your diaphragm, up to eight times more air is taken in per breath than with chest breathing! This increased air intake allows for greater blood oxygenation. Try right now to take a breath with your chest compared to your belly (i.e. diaphragm). Which filled up with more air? Now try filling air into your belly first and then with your chest. Feel the difference??

When you breathe deeply and fully, you’ll feel your belly, ribcage, and lower back all ride and move. This movement of the diaphragm combined with the horizontal movement of the belly, ribcage, and lower back helps to get all the benefits of a deep breathing. As you exhale, your muscles naturally want to relax. This is great when giving yourself a deep tissue massage because your strong muscles have a moment of weakness on the exhale and then your knots are unprotected - making it so you really get that deep tissue massage you need.

To benefit the most from a deep tissue massage, remember to breath! I know it’s hard to do sometimes, especially when that naughty knot gets touched. Our instinctive reaction is to hold our breath, tense up to shy away from the pain and then breath again when we’re in the clear. As hard as it may be, it’s best to take in that deep breath and relax to receive the full effects of the massage.

So the next time you have your mobility training, remember to take a deep breath! It’s your you time anyways, might as well be as relaxed as you can be!

To read more on the topic, please see this site: http://infinitymassagechairs.com/blog/just-breathe-benefits-of-deep-breathing-during-massage/  

It sums everything up in a nice, easy to understand way!  

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