Where are the TOOLS??? TOOLS???

August 03, 2016

Growing up as a kid I used to watch the Three Stooges. I didn't grow up in the 30s and 40s, but did grow up around people that liked the classics, including these guys. As a kid they were hilarious with their hijinks and goofiness. One scene always sticks out to me, which you can see on YouTube (in color, too!!) here: 


Feel free to watch the whole thing, but the point I'd like to make happens around the 15 through 17 minute section. The Stooges "misuse" and "misplace" the Tools and make a huge mess of things!! At the end of that scene they ask each other "Where are the TOOLS?? TOOLS???"

    While that scene shows how absent minded and silly the Stooges were, it shows a few lessons to learn:

      • A tool used improperly can do more harm than good.
      • And, vice versa is true meaning a tool used properly can be very effective
      • Next time you pretend to be a doctor make sure you put away your tools :-)

      In all seriousness, if a tool is not used correctly it can't do its job.  This is so true with mobility tools. For example, one common misconception is using a foam roller to mash out the IT band. Any good professional (e.g. a physical therapist) will tell you that's a waste of time as the IT band can't be mobilized or stretched. Think about it: when's the last time you saw in an NFL game the sideline reporter say, "I talked to the team trainer and initial reports and prognoses is that he tore his IT band". Never happens!!! So why massage the heck out of that thing with a foam roller! Instead improve your mobility in your hips and ankles and strengthen the glutes. In other words using a foam roller on your IT band would be a waste of time and not using a mobility tool correctly. And next time you see someone rolling their IT band, look at them in disbelief and like the Stooges think to yourself (or say it out loud) "TOOLS??" 


      What will help when your IT band feels tight in addition to strengthening the glutes is to work on removing and trigger points and adhesions in your TFL and right above  the knee. Check our video that will help with that pesky tight IT band. Here's the LINK to our video - it's the second one.

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