About Us

The UBALL is all about U, the amazing Athlete. It's a product by Athletes for Athletes. You see, the UBALL was created out of necessity. A necessity that developed over years of various nagging injuries, sitting too much, and wanting to move better. I did a lot of mobility drills and techniques as well as rounds of various physical therapy (primarily for my knees) and becoming knowledgeable about how the body should move. All of this definitely helped, no doubt about it. There are some great resources [Dr. Kelly Starrett - you’re the best, Bro!; Ido Portal has some great You Tube videos on simple but effective drills; and many others]. Sitting less by using a makeshift stand up desk definitely helped, too.

But, something seemed to be still missing...

I was in a bit of a nasty car crash that I thankfully walked away okay from. But, one of the "benefits" I was able to get from the accident was regular deep tissue massages, primarily around my neck and back from the whiplash of the accident. I noticed the messages felt great as the masseuse really dug in to remove several knots and tightness I received from the accident that was limiting my mobility and movement. But, eventually the messages had to end and I missed those deep tissue messages!!!

A lot of tools existed that helped with mobility, but nothing could really replicate that deep, deep feeling of getting a masseuse's arms/elbows, which were really helpful to get rid of some those nasty knots I had.

Enter - the UBALL. I created it from scratch and quickly realized how similar it felt to the human elbow. After using it on my neck and back, it took me back to those epic massages that I really needed after my accident. I then quickly realized how versatile the UBALL was as it can be used in different ways and also how it could benefit multiple areas on the body. Although it was a great tool for me, I couldn't keep it to myself as I'm sure that others would want and can benefit from this unique tool. I hope the UBALL helps you as much as it has helped me as it is THE Ultimate Mobility Tool. 


To get to know me a little more about me, please go to Garage Gym Life for an interview with  that cool website. And, if you are ever in the South Florida area and want to train together, come train at an awesome gym with great people, good lifting/WODs, and maybe even some dominoes at Liv UP. I'm sure you'll teach me a lot and maybe I can teach you a thing or two. When one teaches, two learn :-)


Thanks for reading! Your brother in fitness, health, and mobility,


  As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another - Proverbs 27:17


Throughout my journey in bringing the UBALL to you, I have had the great privilege and honor to meet some amazing people along the way: