Calf, Foot, & Ankle Injury Recovery with UBALL

The Foot, Ankle, and calves. The base of the human body. So strong and complex. It's made of 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than a hundred muscles, tendons, and ligaments. It's made to jump, dance, run, pivot, swim, and can do so many other things (not to mention pinching your siblings or spouse with those powerful toes - admit it...It's fun to do). With so many moving parts and capabilities it's easy to really mess things up, like this:

Calf Injury Recovery, FootInjury Recovery, Ankle Injury Recovery with UBALL

The UBALL helps this body part to improve mobility and movement by being able to give yourself a deep tissue massage. 

Foot & Ankle Injury Reovery

Get any foot/ankle problem and you'll be miserable each and every step. So taking care of your foot is key for any athletic performance.

Because of its unique shape, the UBALL can target various areas of the foot and ankle to improve mobility and movement.

Here’s the various ways to utilize the UBALL for the foot:

Calf Injury Recovery

To help the ankle and feet, the calves have to be nice and loosey-goosey with a deep tissue massage.  Use the edge of the UBALL to dig into calf/Achilles, mid calf, all the way to the top of the calf below the  knee (gastroc).  Also, try using the UBALL along the inside of the calf (soleus) and along the outside/shins too. If you want to show your shins some love, rub/dig the UBALL on your shins in various ways.

Not satisfied? Kind of like when you go to someone’s house and only get offered one plate of food and you feel embarrassed to ask for seconds... No worries. We aim to please at UBALL. Whip out your trusty barbell and connect the UBALL to it and rub the UBALL like so to really get into those calves.

Here's the various ways to use the UBALL on your calves: