Foam Roller vs UBALL Mobility Tool

Any athlete will tell you, working out will take a toll on your body as you build muscles up by tearing them apart. This is why many crossfit and weightlifting professionals utilize mobility tools during warming up and especially when they are cooling down. Mobility tools offer a number of benefits; from helping improve your mobility before a workout to releasing tension after one. These tools are vital in keeping you at the top of your fitness game. There is a large variety of mobility tools available today. But, with so many on the market what is the best tool for your needs?

What is a Foam Roller?

The foam roller is an old favorite of many different types of athletes: whether it be a runner releasing tension before and after a run, or a powerlifter mobilizing their glutes for some deep squats. Foam rollers are offered in many different shapes and sizes. They can be a good way to improve range of motion.

The foam roller works by applying pressure on muscles groups as you roll over it. It uses your body weight to compress and lengthen the tissue in your muscles. It could also help release trigger points to remove pain and restrictions in your movements.

More commonly known as self-myofascial release, foam rolling is used to release muscle tightness and trigger points. Trigger points are knots that form inside your muscles. You can locate these by feeling pain when pressure is placed on certain areas. The reason behind foam rolling is to help in the recovery of muscles and help increase mobility. However, there are limits to the using the foam roller as a mobility tool when compared to the UBALL, the ultimate mobility tool.

Limits of a Foam Roller

  1. Foam rolling only provides temporary pain relief; it doesn’t fix or correct problems as it cannot penetrate thick muscle found in most crossfitters and weightlifters, including strongmen/women, powerlifters, and Olympic lifters.
  2. When using a foam roller, you are using it on a number of muscle groups, but you aren’t isolating muscles and tissues. Because you aren’t targeting specific targeted muscles and tissues causing your pain, it’s not as effective.
  3. You don’t have a way to get the right pressure, in the right areas, at the right time. Not only are you not hitting specific muscles that need work, sometimes the pressure isn’t enough to get the job right.

What is the UBALL?

The UBALL is a unique mobility tool, which is specifically designed to provide the user with a deep tissue like massage. This helps with improving mobility, and movement and ultimately performance. This mobility tool allows you to control the amount of pressure, whether light or heavy. It’s similar to getting a deep tissue massage from someone’s elbow.

The UBALL is designed with four different parts that each has its own special use. The edge is great for scrubbing and scraping way scar tissue. The corner can be used for getting into precise areas. The ball part is great for using your body weight against, to get a deep massage. The u-shaped part is designed to be used on a standard barbell, to add weight to increase the pressure of your massage.

The UBALL mobility tool is used for a similar fashion as the foam roller, but it is much more efficient. It allows you more control over the areas you focus on and more precision in the amount of pressure you place on these areas.

Benefits of the UBALL

  1. With four unique parts, the UBALL offers you a number of different ways to release tension throughout your entire body.
  2. The unique u shaped side, allows you to control the pressure by attaching it to a barbell. You can use just the barbell for a light amount of pressure, or increase the weight on the barbell for heavier pressure needed by athletes.
  3. With the UBALL, you get a deep tissue massage directly in your problem areas. Unlike the foam roller, which can only hit large groups of muscles, the UBALL is designed to focus on specific muscles. This direct pressure, on one muscle at a time, helps you release tension more effectively and efficiently.

Mobility tools are essential for increasing your range of motion to keeping you moving in a natural way. Not warming up properly before a workout can be a huge mistake, which can lead to serious injuries. Whether you are running a marathon, or about to hit a new PR in the squat rack, the UBALL is by far the more superior mobility tool. Instead of reaching for that foam roller give the UBALL a try. You’ll get a more precise pressure, directly on the muscles and tissues you want to focus on and then watch your mobility and movement and ultimately your performance improve.