UBALL for Football Players

UBALL for Football 

Football is an awesome sport that requires movement in all angles and under different type of loads. It's a game that people love to play and watch. But, it's a game that beats up our bodies, especially in 3 areas: low back, elbows, and shoulders. Often times, the pain from those joints is from muscles and tissues near it. To stay in the game, you can get some awesome soft tissue work with the UBALL in the video below:

  1. Low back pain:
    • Soleus – on ground and press down (2 mins per side) and also on barbell (2 mins per side)
    • Quads – on barbell (3 mins per side)
    • Psoas – on barbell or ground (2 min per side)
         2.   Elbows:
      • Biceps (2 mins per side)
      • Triceps (2 mins per side)
         3.   Shoulders:
        • Scapula: on ground (2 mins per side)