How to Use the UBALL

The UBALL is the Ultimate pain relief and mobility for athletes by delivering a knot and trigger point busting deep-tissue massage.  The UBALL can be used to apply light or heavy pressure, like getting a deep tissue massage from another person’s elbow. The UBALL can used with your hand or up against a wall or the floor and the shape of it allows you get some hard to reach areas. Some tough areas that can reached are the upper quads, biceps, forearms, the QL/lower back and it's also great on the calves and chest. A barbell is not a must have to get the benefits of the UBALL, however, it is a unique feeling once you try it as it can apply the pressure you naturally hold back from giving to yourself. Once you try it you will say to your own UBALL “where have you been all my life”? 


Click on the different points to see how you can use the UBALL on different body parts


UBALL- THE Ultimate Mobility Tool 

Below, are videos for the 4 different parts of the UBALL and how each part is used. Additionally, the bottom of this page includes how to properly hold the UBALL. For instructions on a specific body part, click on the How to Use the UBALL menu above.

  • Edge - Scrape and scrub away scar tissue by pressing or scraping the UBALL throughout the body (especially arms/forearms, triceps, calves, quads, neck). Here's one example of how to use the Edge:


    • Corner - Dig into some precise areas like if someone was using their thumb (arms,calves, shoulder, pecs). Here's one example of how to use the Corner:


      • Ball - Put the UBALL up against:
        • Wall/Rig/Squat stand - use some of your own body weight to press against certain spots (chest, back, shoulders)
        • Floor -  use more body weight to get the sensation of someone using their elbow (awesome on pecs, back, shoulders, scapula and lovely for feet, hips, glutes, oh my!)
        • Chair or bench - dig into various spots (hamstrings, calves, triceps, forearms)
        • Barbell on a rack/rig/squat stand - press body into UBALL attached to barbell (amazing for shoulders, neck, traps, lats)

      Here's one example of how to use the Ball:


      • UBALL + Barbell - Use the UBALL with a barbell! Say what???  Yes, the barbell can be the ultimate weapon against knots combined with the power of the UBALL to give a masseuse like massage. It’s hard to use your own elbows on your self, so this combo of the UBALL and barbell gives a similar feeling to the human elbow.

      Here's one example of how to use the UBALL with a barbell:

      When you use a barbell, please use caution and place the UBALL along with the barbell on your body gently. Your trying to mobilize not decapitate. 
      Regarding how to hold and handle the UBALL here's a couple of useful videos:
      • Here is a video on how you want to hold the ball section to utilize the edge and corners to scrap nasty stuff away: 

        • Here's a video of how to hold the U section and utilize the ball part: 

        • Here is a video of how to hold the UBALL and the barbell together: 

        • Last, but not least is the UBALL's trusty sidekick, the U-Bungee Cord. The U-Bungee Cord is an easy and quick way to attach your UBALL, THE Ultimate Mobility Tool, to your beloved lifting tool - the BARBELL...


          It goes without saying that you must breath when's door not these moves with the UBALL. But when you get a "sticky" spot, boy o boy you tend to hold your breath and squirm like your a little kid getting tickled (I have lots of experience in this). But the key thing to do snd get the desired effect of releasing tension isn't to breath deep, long breaths. When you have your UBALL in hand attached to a barbell on your massive quads dry this out!