Lacrosse Ball vs UBALL Mobility Tool

Our bodies go through a lot on a normal day, even more so after being put through intense training and workouts. Muscles can get tight, which in turn can limit your range of motion and affect your mobility. These things can impact on your workouts and your day to day living. This is why many athlete look into mobility tools to help fix these problems. There is a wide range of mobility tools available on the market today, and each one has their own special pros and cons.

The Lacrosse Ball as a Mobility Tool

The lacrosse ball is a mobility ball and is one of the most commonly found mobility tools used today. This is because of its size, grip, and hardness. Harder than a tennis ball, the lacrosse ball is just the right size to give you that deep tissue massage you need. It works good on the shoulders and certain parts of the back. The grip of the lacrosse ball makes it ideal, as it is less likely to roll out from underneath you.

The lacrosse ball is most commonly used by placing it on the floor and lying on top of it. Using your body weight, the goal is to roll over the top of it in order to release muscle tension. You want to work slowly and really look for the spots that cause the most discomfort. When you find these spots, you want to hold the ball over them for a few seconds to a minute or two. This can be very painful, but after it is release it will feel amazing while helping to improve range of motion. Another way to use the lacrosse ball is to rub it around with your hands on areas to help release the fascia.  

To cover more ground at a time, two and sometimes three lacrosse balls can be taped together. By taping two together you can lie on them to get multiple sides of muscles and muscle tissues, for example both sides of your lower back.

Limits of the Lacrosse Ball

  1. One of the biggest limits of the lacrosse ball is the pressure being too light on the muscle. This can be a challenge when using just your hands or positioning the lacrosse ball in the right spots, particularly in the scapula, TFL, pecs, 
  2. Keeping control of the ball can be another limit. Because you are rolling around on top of it, and it is possible for it to slip out from underneath you or may not properly reach the spot you desire.
  3. If you wish to attach the lacrosse ball to a barbell to get extra pressure you will need to tape the two together, which can take a long time and may damage the barbell over time.


The UBALL is a unique mobility tool, designed to give you a deep tissue massage, like a human elbow. It is made for easy control when scraping away scar tissue and getting a deep tissue massage. It will not only help you during your workouts and training exercises. The UBALL will help improve your life!

The UBALL’s unique shape makes it a very effective mobility tool. This design gives you four unique sides, each with their own use.

  • The edge is very effective for scraping scar tissue deep in your muscles.
  • The corners can be used to get a pin point accurate massage on any muscle.
  • The ball side gives you a massage similar to the human elbow. It really digs into trigger points, and knots releasing the tension.
  • Then there is the u shaped side, this unique part is designed to fit on the standard barbell, allowing you to get those hard to reach spots and provide a great deep tissue massage you can do on yourself. You get an amazing deep tissue massage, with added pressure from the barbell. You can even add weight to the bar for added pressure.

Benefits of the UBALL

  1. With its unique shape, unlike any other mobility tool, you will have a number of options for fascial release.
  2. The U-shaped side not only allows you to attach it to a barbell to help control pressure, it won’t roll out from underneath you.
  3. The corners give you direct pressure release to hit hard to get spots.

Due to the unique shape of the UBALL, it offers many benefits the lacrosse ball does not!The UBALL gives you all the lacrosse ball has to offer and more. You get more control over the pressure and the added benefit of getting those hard to reach places. The edge is great for scraping away scar tissue deep in the muscle, and the corner is great for ever more pinpoint accurate deep tissue massages similar to someone using their thumb.