Quad Injury Recovery with UBALL

You know the feeling...when you squat/deadlift a ton of weight, run an obstacle course, or play sports so hard that the next day your legs, especially your quads, are on fire and you can't even move?? That's an awesome feeling!! Because you know you had an epic workout session. But, sometimes that soreness in your quads that occurs from that type of workout doesn't go away and you actually hurt yourself for various reasons (not warming up properly, overdoing it, just happened).

In these cases you need to do some sort of rehab/mobility work. While, there are a lot of great tools that can help, but none that really can help like the UBALL can. The UBALL is a unique and versatile massage and mobility tool that feels like the human elbow, which can help fix junky tissue when you have these issues in your quads.

What really makes the UBALL unique is:

  • it can be used by itself in various ways to target trigger points 
  • more importantly it can also utilize a barbell to apply deep pressure. The UBALL can be placed on a barbell and use the weight of the barbell (along with additional weights if needed) to really provide a deep, deep pressure.

Use the UBALL with a barbell! Say what???  Yes, the barbell can be the ultimate weapon against knots/trigger points combined with the power of the UBALL to give a masseuse like massage. Check out how to use the UBALL on the quads in the quadtastic videos below.

Quad, High Hip, & above the Knee Injury Recovery

Is the UBALL good for the quads?? No..its amazing for the quads!! Actually, it was one of the main reasons to have been developed.

Here's a great video of all the uses for the UBALL for most of the quad, the high hip, and above the knee:

Adductors, Abductors, and TFL

If your abductors/TFL (i.e. the outside part of your quads) are tight and not letting you move properly, you may hear to "go foam roll it and also your IT band while your at it". If your adductors/groin (i.e. the inside part of your legs) are tight, you may also hear - go foam roll happy!

But, the foam roller may be helpful if you never tried to remove your own trigger points and are first starting out on your mobility journey. But if you are looking for something better, or something that really targets your strong, muscular legs, look no further than the UBALL. It targets both the inside and outside of the legs really well, especially when paired with a barbell. It allows you to give yourself a deep tissue massage, without the aid of a partner. 

Here's a great video of all the uses for the UBALL for the adductors, abductors, TFL, and above the knee as well: