Pec & Shoulder Injury Recovery with UBALL

Sit down a ton? Mess up your shoulder from an old injury? Or, maybe a new one!? Have trouble lifting things overhead? Then getting your upper back and traps as well as the shoulders and pecs to be mobile is very important. Below are great videos on the shoulders and pecs and how to improve their mobility with the UBALL, a great mobility tool that can give you the deep tissue massage you've always wanted and needed.  

Shoulder Injury Recovery

The shoulders are so amazing as they move in so many directions and capable of throwing objects, lifting enormous amounts of weight overhead, and doing everyday things. Because they are used so much and also due to our modern lifestyle of sitting a lot, they often get tight. To help loosen them up, try the UBALL in all its magnificence to help your mobility and movement in those wonderful shoulders. Try the UBALL with a barbell and you won't regret it.  And tape needed to attach it to a barbell!!

Here's a great video of all the uses for the UBALL for the shoulders:

Pec Injury Recovery

If your Pectorals/chesticles are tight, your shoulder will let you know as those tight pecs can effect the shoulder, which in turn effects your lifts. It's important to have them loose and be able to move properly. They especially get real tight if you sit down a lot (e.g. from work, school, modern life). Getting into those pecs can be tough with regular tools, but the UBALL is a great mobility tool that really digs in and removes those trigger points and scar tissue. Check out this video on the multiple ways and angles to attach those pesky pecs with the UBALL and get them to function again.

Here's a great video of all the uses for the UBALL for the pecs: