Here's just a few testimonials and reviews people are starting to say about the UBALL:

  • From our friends in the Miami Freaks (part of the Florida Grid League): 


  • AMRAP, a cool review website for all fitness lovers did a full review, including saying "the kicker with the UBALL is it has this 'U' shape... so you can really dig in there, unlike a normal Lacrosse ball":

  • Donnie Thompson (aka Mr. 3000, aka Super D):  Love my @uballnet to add to my #boomstick therapy. Much easier to get into those 'trigger points' (hate using that term) on the pec and Levators. Contact Julian for the UBALL and Chris Duffin for the #Boomstick. Great strength coach @fiftybarbell exposed me to the #UBall last year. Target Tempering is the real deal. Used in PT Clinics world wide! Once in awhile you ought to listen to a fat old ex-powerlifter with a pretty face!
    Super DDonnie Thompson
    • Keith Gray, Assistant Strength and Condition Coach for the Philadelphia Eagles: We are liking the UBALL and use it a lot on the Boomstick.

     Philadelphia Eagles

    • BRETT LENABURG, MS, CSCS, SCC, Assistant Coordinator for Olympic, Sports Strength and Conditioning: The U-Ball has been a great addition to our soft-tissue prep. It can be attached to other mobility tools, or used as a stand alone piece, to hit concentrated areas and trigger points. It is a simple, yet highly effective tool and I would highly recommend for coaches and athletes trying to expand their recovery methods.



    • Ryan Groneman, Presbyterian College Head Strength Coach: I used it last night on one of my soccer players. Working good.
    • Adam Kohl, Presbyterian College Assistant Strength Coach: I have been using the UBALL a lot personally and on my athelete's and it has been awesome. Thank you for introducing us to that great product.


    • Erika Barbarella: "...I have my UBALL to help keep my muscles relaxed and keep my joints healthy and smooth!"

     Miami Freaks


    • John Greaves III: …" I now keep the UBALL in my backpack along with my small first aid kit, flip flops, pistol and other things I keep handy. " To see his full review, please visit his website at: https://www.garagegymmagazine.com/uball-review/



    • Jack Cambra, Fiftybarbell: love the UBALL!

    fiftybarbell's profile picture

    • Nick Gaston, Crossfiiter: Ever since I've received my UBALL I can tell a huge difference in my mobility warmups. It definitely digs in my muscles where I need it and releases the pain. If you are in need [of] a great mobility tool, give this tool a try.  You won't regret it at all. Mobility lives matter. 


    • Kirk, @therrex_board: "I used my UBALL after waking up with a sore neck and trap. It helped alleviate some of the muscle tension and soreness I was experiencing. Being able to utilize both sides of the UBALL to target different muscles was clutch. Definitely a great purchase!"

    • Nikki Moore - Love the UBALL!!


    • Jeff Evans, Olympic Lifter and Crossfit Games Athlete: "It's mainly helping me in my rear shoulders and scraping muscles out easier."


    • McKinley: "The UBALL is an awesome mobility product, it's great for [the traps] area... it really stretches out these muscles, getting in deep as a masseuse would get in deep into the tissue."


    • Josh H., Competitive Powerlfiter: "I got my #uballnet today and put it to work on this achy spot in my upper outter quad.  Worked it out and was able to pull descent tonight.  After almost 2 weeks without pulling worked up to a decent single @500 then went 470*4 followed by pause deads @425 great day of training with my @codyliss. I like it because you can rotate it and roll it around.  Plus, you can add weight to the barbell if needed... I have done work on my girlfriend with knots in her back and its helped her a lot as well.  Great product and am completely satisfied with it."



    • Inkedsheep75 "Post deadlifts and my buns are in serious of smashing!  Thanks @uballnet for sending me this mobility/recovery tool!  It's very versatile and helpful for ironing out the soreness and releasing lactic acid from my muscles."


    • Sue B., Physical Therapist, "More Mobility!! Discovered this new tool for my toolbox--#uballnet!!  It's a lacrosse ball attached to a 'U'. Portable, lightweight, and so effective!  Here @jadampt used it to free up scapular restrictions.  **The first pic motion was after 20 minutes of IASTM.  **The second pic is before mobilization with the UBALL (which BTW, was taken 40 minutes after the first!) **The final pic was after just 4 minutes of the UBALL.  Use it like a lacrosse ball, use it to assist in barbell smashing, and yes, it can be sued to 'scrape' yourself!"


    • Jon F., Marine & Crossfiter: "Really liking this UBALL tool.  Excited to work it into my routine."
    • @Valerie10b: "After a tough leg workout and tight calves, UBALL saves the Day!  Thanks for a great product, guys!"


    • Damien D: "I'm loving the UBALL!  In the past, I have used trigger point therapy products but your UBALL gets into areas that my other equipment cannot reach."  See more from Damien at this website: http://www.dulaneyfitness.com/
    • John: "I not keep the UBALL in my backpack along with my small first aid kit, flip flops, pistol and other things I keep handy.  The best thing I can tell you is to play with it and watch the instructional videos to help you get your creative juices flowing as you explore SMR with this product"  See more from John at his website: garagegymlife.com


    • John Beneduce (MMA Fighter) and Joe McKillop from badtrainingcamp.com: the amount of pressure you can get on your back and back of upper legs when mounted against squat rack is great and having the bungee so it doesn't slip like a ball would makes it really easy to work with .... John has been using the straight edges to have people scrape down scar tissue in his shoulder from prior injuries and really likes that use.

    • Summitsystems: "Over the past couple weeks, we've been given the privilege to test out a new mobility tool that shows a lot of promise.  The UBALL is a much sturdier alternative to taping a lacrosse ball to a barbell. WE love it for targeting hard to reach areas like the first rib and subscapularis, as well getting as well getting a little more specific pressure everywhere else.  Give them a follow @uballnet and pick one of these up!"

    • @completebaseballperformance: "Love it man, talk about getting deep tissue massage.  Like how the design lets you get some more pressure than lacrosse balls in the hammy due to the slight elevation of the ball and love it in the hip flexor, tfl and lat area that were tougher to get that deep pressure with lacrosse ball..... Only 'negative' comment about it was it sucked because it creates a deeper pressure in a sore spot, ha.  Love it man."
    • Erin E., PT: "I usually foam roll my clients on a massage table at the end of their sessions, but I have used the UBall recently to help alleviate the muscle tension from the sciatic pain. It helps me use my hands without using my hands in certain areas that the foam roller just won’t reach as deeply and the areas that have tightened with pain. I’m a pt and have a lot of clients with sciatica and piroformis syndrome and it helps so much!"
    • Fred F.: We got our UBALL a few weeks ago and it's been great. It definitely does a better job at reaching some of our stress points than anything else we've used.
    • David M: "I tended to use the straight edges more than the actual round part when massaging as it dug deeper into the tissue.  Using my full body weight on it was also relaxing."
    • Kane M: "Works great in office setting, especially on the neck.  Helps relieve stress.  I use it while working and really helps remove tension."
    • Frank I.: "The UBALL is amazing and I love it!  I'm impressed with its functionality and ability to get into those oh so pleasant spots for mobility."
    • Susan M.: "LOVE IT!  Love it.  It's easy to use and it's so effective!  So much, that I recommend it to my physical therapy patients and Crossfitters.  As a PT who specializes in Mobility, it has been on the high end of my recommendations!  And, I work with many Crossfitters, they are my main clientele!  Awesome Product!"
    • Andrew R.: Finding it great for getting into hip flexors and around the shoulder.
    • Bobby A: I used this product today for the first time after chest and I think I had a tear in my eye after I found that sweet spot.  I went to work in it and cuss you first for  making such a good product as it opened a jacked shoulder but I was feeling great when done.  Thanks a lot for the awesome product....good buy for sure..."
    • Rich O: "I've absolutely loved your product so far.  We've been helping many folks improve neck RO< and I'll shoot a video on that today and send it over.  Keeping the ball secure has been the only issue I've faced thus far.  Thanks a lot!"