UBALL - Mobility Tool

UBALL with Bungee Cord

The Ultimate Pain Relief and Mobility Solution:

The UBALL gives a firm, targeted deep-tissue massage to bust up knots, trigger points, and muscle spasms.  It feels much like the human elbow to relieve those stubborn "pain points" in your back, shoulders, legs and entire body that don't go away with softy foam rollers, lacrosse balls, or other similar tools.  

The UBALL delivers:

  • Pain Relieving Massage: feels like human elbow
  • Acute Deep Pressure: Attach easily to a barbell and use weight for awesome pressure
  • Scraping Tool: similar to scar tissue scraping steel tools, but is more affordable
  • Versatility: Use throughout the body in many ways
  • MORE GAINS: Reach your Goals and get PRs 
  • LESS PAINS: Relieve pains and strains from strength training, injuries, and even from sitting all day

That's why the UBALL is the Ultimate mobility Tool for athletes because it is versatile and delivers a deep, targeted pain-relieving massage to help athletes recover from the pains, strains and injuries of training.



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Edge - scrub and scrape away scar/fascial tissue tissue 

Corners - massage precise areas and reach small areas

Ball - give yourself a massage similar to the feeling of a human elbow to really dig into nasty trigger points and knots. The height and firmness helps to get into hard to reach areas.

UBALL with a Barbell - get some hard to reach spots and give yourself an amazing deep tissue massage with extra pressure you couldn’t get using other tools

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